Monday, April 4, 2011

Mood crayons (from chocolate molds)

So a few weeks back I posted a Wordless Wednesday of some crayons I made using this Mood mold. It's actually for chocolate. (Click here for full-size pic.) They're super easy to make, and super fun for kids to help with! Plus it's a great way to reuse broken crayon nubs. :)
I've had a few comments on my personal fb account about how I made them. :) So here goes: 

preheat oven to anywhere from 150 to180 degrees. (If your child helps make them, then the prep might take some time. You might not need to preheat the oven until like step 2.) Since oven temp varies, I can't be more specific. ;) Our oven temp is low, so I set mine to 180. Just don't let them melt too quickly because the colors melt together and you get a yucky blob instead of bright colors, like in my pic.
1. Organize the crayon bits into cute color combos*. This way your kid(s) won't end up combiing every color for one mold, which would then melt into 12 grayish/brownish combos. Not pretty.

2. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place the mold on top. That way, if any crayon pieces fall onto the sheet, then you don't have to worry about the crayon melting ONTO your sheet. Mmm, nothing like a chunk of crayon in your next batch of cookies!

3. Fill the mold with your presorted crayon nubbies. Fill them almost to the top but definitely not over the top of the mold.

Here's a pic of the filled mold (this was before I realized that putting down parchment paper and filling the mold on the cookie sheet was a better idea. Teehee!):

4. "Cook" them in the oven for about 10 minutes. I checked on them every 3 minutes after those first 10 minutes (wax will BURN if it gets too hot, so please please please check on them!). They took anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to melt, depending on the brand of crayon.

5. Set them on a cooling rack for a few minutes. Once they're set, gently tug the edges of the mold to help loosen the crayons. Then gently pop them out. Don't wait too long before removing them from the mold: they'll get a white coating (kind of like what chocolate gets if you freeze it).

And that's it! It isn't a lot of of hard labor lol but they do take time to make because you have to watch them, especially the first time you make them so they don't "over-melt." They only need to melt enough so the colors fuse together. If they turn completely liquid then, like I've said about five times already lol, the colors combine into ugly grays/browns.

*I had my 3.5yo pick her fave two or three colors for each mold. She put the crayon bits into a silicone cupcake cup and then into the mold. That way we could "measure" how much we needed for each mold. You don't need a lot. 


  1. Soooo cute! I love them! and I don't even have kids! hahahaha

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